Asset management system according to ISO 55000 standard in the production process

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Mercedes Cleopatra Moreira Menéndez
Isamar Lissette Morán Cerezo
Jonathan Isaías Boero Cerezo
Leonardo Arturo Baque Mite


The undocumented processes, the lack of a record with specifications of machinery, procedures, operational use; causes the maintenance to be developed in an empirical way. The objective of this research is to develop an asset management model using ISO 55000 standards, focused on improving the production processes of balsa blocks in the company Tecnoblock S.A. The analytical, deductive and inductive methods were used to diagnose the production process. As a result, the maturity level analysis was obtained, which consists of; diagnosis of the current situation of the production system, SWOT analysis, verification of compliance with the parameters of the standard, requirements in the context of planning, operation, evaluation, performance and improvement. It was concluded that the development of an asset management model applying ISO 55000 standards, it is necessary to specify in detail each of the requirements described by the standard.


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Moreira Menéndez, M. C., Morán Cerezo, I. L., Boero Cerezo, J. I., & Baque Mite, L. A. (2022). Asset management system according to ISO 55000 standard in the production process. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 6(4).


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