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Over the years several types of cryptocurrencies similar to bitcoin have been developed, but with the advancement of technology others have emerged that have different objectives and operation, currently they are well known as a source of investment, as a business opportunity and forms of payment. The objective of this research is to know how cryptocurrencies have developed over the years and how they affect or benefit the world economy. The concepts and information that were analyzed and studied for the realization of the article were the definitions, history, advantages, disadvantages, characteristics among other variables in order to meet the objective and have a clearer idea of what cryptocurrencies are and what is their function and impact on the world economy. The methodology used in the research was documentary and bibliographic, which began with a brainstorming to be able to raise the keywords that would be necessary to search for scientific articles on the Google Scholar platform, then upload them to Google Drive to finally cite the articles with the help of the Mendeley application.</p> Angel Maldonado Castro, Jenny Maldonado Castro, Nivaldo Vera Valdiviezo, Edgar Moreno Suqilanda Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 08 Jul 2022 00:00:00 -0400 Administrative management and its impact on the company's productivity, training plan <p>The objective of the research is to evaluate the incidence of the Administrative-Operational Management in the productivity of the Company "Repuestos Jhon" year 2020, under this background, the theoretical framework was made based on the conceptual, theoretical and legal foundation. Inductive, deductive and descriptive methods were used. The development of this research project was based on determining the level of quality of service and customer service demanded by the products in the company under study, also the comparison of compliance with procedures and compliance with sales goals was made, this methodology allowed to make a matrix of assessment of internal problems evidenced in Repuestos Jhon, however, survey forms were applied to clarify the administrative and operational needs to measure the level of growth of the company.</p> Elizabeth Juliana Núñez Bartolomé, Oscar Fabián Moncayo Carreño, Enry Gutember Medina López, Cesar Enrique Muñoz Heredia Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 08 Jul 2022 00:00:00 -0400 Evolution from traditional marketing to digital marketing as a formative process <p>The research was developed in the canton Sucre with the objective of analyzing the evolution of traditional marketing to digital marketing within the training process, to verify how the ability to surprise the consumer has been lost, they have become accustomed to sales and do not focus much more on the customer and his emotions when making a decision about a product or brand since what is important for him is the experience offered by what he consumes. For the collection of information, qualitative and quantitative tools were used, descriptive method, statistical software such as SPSS version 21.0, which allowed to verify that digital marketing helps to use the most appropriate techniques within the digital media to develop a direct and personal communication with users, from the action channels are all those that can be found on the internet such as social networks, e-mail marketing, search engines and others. Experiential marketing revolutionizes the thinking of traditional marketing and is not used frequently or almost never by our local business environment. It is evident that Digital Marketing strategies must be deployed to obtain a strong acceptance of customers, so that the company can promote itself at a high level, in addition to giving it an unwinding among competitiveness, because the digital organization is as important as the optical organization.</p> Lilia Monserrate Villacis Zambrano, Frank Ángel Lemoine Quintero, María Gabriela Montesdeoca Calderón, Katty Gisella Zambrano Alcívar, Yesenia Aracely Zamora Cusme, Karen Alejandra Mendoza García, Karen Alejandra Mendoza García Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 08 Jul 2022 00:00:00 -0400 Management analysis of a preventive program based on a retrospective study in the health care workforce <p>Safety at work is one of the most important issues in the operations of companies. Although there are multiple legal precedents in Ecuador for some years, this issue has gained strength nowadays due to the actions of the last governments. This is due to the fact that, when developing a job without the appropriate safety measures, it causes a great number of accidents. Therefore, the objective of the study is to elaborate a preventive program to reduce the damages determined to the health personnel in the Technical Office 10 of District 09D08 by means of a survey analysis of risk elements to improve the operative place of the professionals. The methodology used has a retrospective, descriptive and correlational study. The study population corresponds to the health personnel of the Technical Office 10 of District 09d08. The survey was the method of data extraction and a statistical study was used in these. The results showed that the operatives are prone to various harmful occupational elements such as physical, biological and psychosocial risks, for which a preventive plan appropriate to each risk was proposed.</p> Lenin Stalin Muñoz Villacrés, Granbay Marcelo Muñoz Villacrés, Carmen Elizabeth Vargas Pozo, Glenda Verónica Figueroa Morán Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 08 Jul 2022 00:00:00 -0400 Productive local development based on information and communication technologies <p>This research is based on the need to implement process management with the support of ICT's as an instrument for the determination of strategies that help the realization of continuous improvement; for this, the objective is to determine a procedure to determine the processes for the good management of the Decentralized Autonomous Government of the canton of Quevedo and that with the support of ICT's guarantees an improvement in its management system. We began by designing a procedure according to the characteristics of the cantonal GAD, applied sequentially and with the support of technological tools that facilitated the exchange of information and thus determine the processes. This study involved a literature review, then contrasted with information from experts and the application in the GAD of Quevedo based on scientific research techniques which led us to successfully conclude the work.</p> Marlon Astudillo Lindao, Byron Oviedo Bayas, Segundo Cabrera Vargas, Efraín Díaz Macías Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 08 Jul 2022 00:00:00 -0400 Information systems in the process management of commercial SMEs in Canton La Troncal. <p>The study will be carried out in Canton La Troncal, the objective is to analyze the importance of information systems in the process management of commercial SMEs. The study was developed under a qualitative approach since it is supported by a bibliographic documentary review. The type of study is descriptive, with a non-experimental design, since the variables were not manipulated in the analysis, only recorded. The results obtained from the study show that information systems in the process management of commercial SMEs allow small and medium-sized companies to advertise their catalog of products and services much more quickly and at a lower cost. It is concluded that technology is key to streamline commercial and productive processes.</p> Juan Luis Torres Gutama, Luis Stalin Jara Obregón Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 08 Jul 2022 00:00:00 -0400 Digital Marketing and its impact on the commercial development of Guayaquil's microenterprises <p>This research work will analyze the use of digital marketing in microenterprises in the commercial sector of the city of Guayaquil and how the application of such marketing strategies affects the development of microenterprises, to know what happens when implementing digital marketing in their operations. In Ecuador there are numerous enterprises formed under the need or innovation, turning them into small businesses by the few staff that compose it; however, these enterprises are formed in a very simple way without taking into account a strategic marketing plan, which leads them to disappear from the market. The use of marketing not only allows them to position their brand in the market, but also helps them to improve their sales, allowing them to grow or maintain themselves over time. The methodology is descriptive field and documentary since the variables to be considered for the analysis will be described, apart from collecting bibliographic documentation of previous authors who have done similar work to reach an analysis in conjunction with the data collected while allowing to know not only the state in which microenterprises handle these terms but also the evolution of a microenterprise when applying marketing strategies, specifically digital marketing that in today's business world is used with increasing importance.</p> Gissela Monserrate Saltos Santana, Marjorie Marcela Acosta Véliz, José Manuel Asanza Moreira, Edison Ignacio Espinoza Alcívar Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 08 Jul 2022 00:00:00 -0400 Consumer color neuromarketing <p>The influence of colors and Neuromarketing on purchasing preferences lies in the fact that the mind can associate colors by harboring them in thought as a memory. The objective is to demonstrate the impact of colors on consumers for purchase and to verify if they are attracted by the packaging and size or by the product. A review was made based on scientific data for a bibliographic and descriptive research, including students between 20 and 27 years old from ESPE. There were 30 respondents for consumer preferences with color selection and 50 respondents for the influence of color and product characteristics to make the purchase. The methodology was to show 24 images of 3 items in 3 colors and 10 neuromarketing questions for the preferred selection. The results indicate that colors influence the consumer to make the purchase, and, for 100%, size, color and appearance are important to be influenced to purchase unconsciously. In conclusion, the colors yellow, blue, red have an impact on the psychology and visual neuromarketing influence on the purchase decision. There is still a wide world to explore, because each person manages their emotions and impulses.</p> Marcelo Patricio Obando Changuán, Jorge Aníbal Loya Simbaña Copyright (c) 2022 Fri, 08 Jul 2022 00:00:00 -0400