Design of strategies to position the tourist attractions of the parish of Cacha, canton Riobamba

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Angelita Genoveva Tapia Bonifaz
Liseth Marianela Sánchez Colcha
María Guadalupe Escobar Murillo
Ana Julia Vinueza Salinas


The Cacha parish, located in Riobamba, Ecuador, has great tourism potential that has not yet been exploited. The objective of this study is to design positioning strategies for its tourist attractions through the implementation of effective branding. A mixed qualitative and quantitative approach was used for the research. A survey of 383 inhabitants of Riobamba was conducted to analyze tourism knowledge and preferences. Data were collected through documentary and field methods, including surveys, interviews and observation. The findings revealed that 67.1% of the respondents were unaware of Cacha's tourist attractions and 76% had not seen related publicity. However, 93% expressed willingness to visit. The conclusion is that the lack of knowledge and effective promotion are the main obstacles to tourism development in Cacha. For which strategies are proposed such as: creation of brand identity, development of promotional materials, implementation of advertising campaigns in local and digital media to increase the visibility of Cacha as a tourist destination, participation in tourism fairs and events. The implementation of these branding strategies will contribute to effectively position Cacha as an attractive tourist destination, increasing the number of visitors and generating economic benefits for the local community.


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Tapia Bonifaz, A. G., Sánchez Colcha, L. M., Escobar Murillo, M. G., & Vinueza Salinas, A. J. (2024). Design of strategies to position the tourist attractions of the parish of Cacha, canton Riobamba. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 8(3).


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