Development of tourism and tourism services in the canton of Nobol

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Ana Luisa López Brunett
Genesis Asuncion


The study seeks to investigate tourism development in Cantón Nobol, identify the most popular services among visitors, and examine areas for improvement in the local tourism sector. Qualitative and quantitative research is employed. The study sample includes tourists between the ages of 13 and 70 to ensure a diverse representation, while data collection is done through a digital survey using Google Forms. The results respond to the TES research project, "Tourism strategy of products and services for the strengthening of tourism micro-enterprises and SMEs in Nobol Canton". They help to have a complete vision of the perception of tourism and quality of life in Nobol Canton, pointing out both strengths and opportunities for improvement to consolidate its position as a desired tourist destination. Although Cantón Nobol already has a solid tourism base and well evaluated services, there are still areas with potential for growth and improvement within the regional tourism sector.


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López Brunett, A. L., & Asuncion, G. (2024). Development of tourism and tourism services in the canton of Nobol . Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 8(3), 49–59.


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