Social media as a means of communication and marketing in neighborhood stores, Guayaquil

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Luisa María Herrera Rivas
Maria Tamara Ortiz Luzuriaga
Karla Maribel Ortiz Chimbo
Veronica Coronel Perez


The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the commercial context of neighborhood stores, uncovering a regrettable change in consumer behavior when purchasing goods or services. This study focuses on how digital communication tools can improve the marketing strategies of neighborhood stores located in northern Guayaquil. A descriptive study was conducted using both qualitative and quantitative methods, surveying merchants and consumers in the Alborada, Vergeles and Paraíso de la Flor sectors. The target population was 1200, with a representative sample size of 350. In addition, 30 store owners were interviewed. The findings indicate that cell phones and social networking platforms such as WhatsApp Business are essential to establish daily communication with customers and suppliers. In addition, store owners should be trained on digital platforms to form strategic alliances with major brands and government entities to address this issue.


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Herrera Rivas, L. M., Ortiz Luzuriaga, M. T., Ortiz Chimbo, K. M., & Coronel Perez, V. (2023). Social media as a means of communication and marketing in neighborhood stores, Guayaquil. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 7(4).


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