The psychology of color in brand packaging

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Alex Rendón Alín
Carlos Escalante Vera


Color psychology is a field of study that is aimed at analyzing the effect of color on human perception and behavior, the results of several studies show that colors and feelings are not accidentally combined, that their associations are not a matter of taste, but universal experiences deeply rooted in the infancy of our language and our thinking. If we know how to use colors properly, we will save a lot of time and effort. Packaging and brading are treated as separate disciplines. Packaging is about how a product is protected and contained and branding is about how the characteristics of the product are communicated to the consumer through the brand, but if we pay attention, it is clear that the two disciplines are in fact deeply rooted. brand packaging unquestionably provides the visual appeal of the product to the customer in the product design process, from the initial research to the development of the brand concepts and message through the execution of the design idea and finally to the production of the packaging itself.



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Rendón Alín, A., & Escalante Vera, C. (2023). The psychology of color in brand packaging . Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 7(4).


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