The contribution of migrant enterprises and businesses in Ecuador's economic history

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Elizabeth Arias Domínguez
Dayanara Lilieth Arias Navarrete
Danielys María Hernández Bernay
Gián Sebastián Rodríguez Villamar


The objective of this article is to make known the social and economic impact of migrants in Ecuador, through the study of bibliographic material from official sources and surveys conducted to compare the migratory and entrepreneurial reality in the country with international statistics that have the purpose of providing an amplified vision of the importance that this type of entrepreneurship has in Ecuadorian territory. Entrepreneurship has emerged as an alternative to carry out commercial activities by people who have creative and innovative ideas, nowadays it has become more frequent since it provides autonomy to entrepreneurs and the opportunity to implement projects to ensure their welfare and professional growth. Migrants usually have an entrepreneurial attitude due to the firm intention of improving their quality of life. In the development of this project, it can be observed that most of the migrants in Ecuador are of Venezuelan nationality, who were motivated to become entrepreneurs due to the lack of employment or jobs with insufficient salaries. Based on the data collected from the sources consulted, it was possible to make a comparison between the levels of education, where they highlight levels of study ranging between second and third level, showing an inclination to have a good academic preparation.


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Arias Domínguez, E., Arias Navarrete, D. L., Hernández Bernay, D. M., & Rodríguez Villamar, G. S. (2023). The contribution of migrant enterprises and businesses in Ecuador’s economic history. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 7(1).


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