Effects on business and administration of resolution 12 - 2015 on criminal policy in Ecuador.

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Evelyn Dayana Ibañez Alberca
Luis Mauricio Maldonado Ruiz


The objective of this research work is to demonstrate that the Reform No.001-CONCEP.CD.2015 or Drug Table of 2015 has not given good results and that what it has generated is that there is an increase in the number of people arrested for carrying controlled substances and they are established as traffickers. The research methodology used is the documentary - bibliographic method, since a database of the last years of Public Entities was used and information was collected from several texts that had reference to the subject. In addition, the research concludes that the State should return to the previous Table to avoid the criminalization of consumers and that the table should be raised within the Comprehensive Organic Penal Code, and that the implementation of the 2015 Table has not made any change in the Ecuadorian criminal policy and has only brought the problems to increase.


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Ibañez Alberca, E. D., & Maldonado Ruiz, L. M. (2023). Effects on business and administration of resolution 12 - 2015 on criminal policy in Ecuador. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.37956/jbes.v7i1.325


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