Tourism potentiality applying ICTs in the local rural development of the San Pablo precinct, canton Valencia, Ecuador, 2022

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Feliberto Fernando Guerra Cuenca
Byron Wladimir Oviedo Bayas
Rafael Jacinto Muñoz Rodríguez
Ramiro Gallardo Haón


The gradual development of tourism, based on the country's natural resource potential and historical and cultural characteristics, has made it an important economic sphere, both as a source of foreign exchange income and for its potential to stimulate other activities in the national economy. This article proposes the application of a methodology for the elaboration of local development strategies in underprivileged communities in the current context of globalization, but with the appropriate conditions to contribute to development by taking advantage of their endogenous resources. Taking as a methodological reference the strategic guidelines that are developed in order to achieve the proposed objectives from the identification of the vocation. Likewise, the results of each phase of the methodology applied in Recinto San Pablo are presented, where alternative tourism is proposed as a local development strategy through the design of a tourism product that would lead to improve the socioeconomic conditions of this rural community.


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Guerra Cuenca , F. F., Oviedo Bayas, B. W., Muñoz Rodríguez, R. J., & Gallardo Haón, R. (2022). Tourism potentiality applying ICTs in the local rural development of the San Pablo precinct, canton Valencia, Ecuador, 2022. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 6(4).


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