Administrative management and its impact on the company's productivity, training plan

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Elizabeth Juliana Núñez Bartolomé
Oscar Fabián Moncayo Carreño
Enry Gutember Medina López
Cesar Enrique Muñoz Heredia


The objective of the research is to evaluate the incidence of the Administrative-Operational Management in the productivity of the Company "Repuestos Jhon" year 2020, under this background, the theoretical framework was made based on the conceptual, theoretical and legal foundation. Inductive, deductive and descriptive methods were used. The development of this research project was based on determining the level of quality of service and customer service demanded by the products in the company under study, also the comparison of compliance with procedures and compliance with sales goals was made, this methodology allowed to make a matrix of assessment of internal problems evidenced in Repuestos Jhon, however, survey forms were applied to clarify the administrative and operational needs to measure the level of growth of the company.


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Núñez Bartolomé, E. J. ., Moncayo Carreño, O. F. ., Medina López, E. G. ., & Muñoz Heredia, C. E. . (2022). Administrative management and its impact on the company’s productivity, training plan. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 6(3).


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