Digital Marketing and its impact on the commercial development of Guayaquil's microenterprises

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Gissela Monserrate Saltos Santana
Marjorie Marcela Acosta Véliz
José Manuel Asanza Moreira
Edison Ignacio Espinoza Alcívar


This research work will analyze the use of digital marketing in microenterprises in the commercial sector of the city of Guayaquil and how the application of such marketing strategies affects the development of microenterprises, to know what happens when implementing digital marketing in their operations. In Ecuador there are numerous enterprises formed under the need or innovation, turning them into small businesses by the few staff that compose it; however, these enterprises are formed in a very simple way without taking into account a strategic marketing plan, which leads them to disappear from the market. The use of marketing not only allows them to position their brand in the market, but  also helps them to improve their sales, allowing them to grow or maintain themselves over time. The methodology is descriptive field and documentary since the variables to be considered for the analysis will be described, apart from collecting bibliographic documentation of previous authors who have done similar work to reach an analysis in conjunction with the data collected while allowing to know not only the state in which microenterprises handle these terms but also the evolution of a microenterprise when  applying marketing strategies, specifically digital marketing that in today's business world is used with increasing importance.


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Saltos Santana, G. M., Acosta Véliz, M. M., Asanza Moreira, J. M. ., & Espinoza Alcívar, E. I. . (2022). Digital Marketing and its impact on the commercial development of Guayaquil’s microenterprises. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 6(3).


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