Management analysis of a preventive program based on a retrospective study in the health care workforce

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Lenin Stalin Muñoz Villacrés
Granbay Marcelo Muñoz Villacrés
Carmen Elizabeth Vargas Pozo
Glenda Verónica Figueroa Morán


Safety at work is one of the most important issues in the operations of companies. Although there are multiple legal precedents in Ecuador for some years, this issue has gained strength nowadays due to the actions of the last governments. This is due to the fact that, when developing a job without the appropriate safety measures, it causes a great number of accidents. Therefore, the objective of the study is to elaborate a preventive program to reduce the damages determined to the health personnel in the Technical Office 10 of District 09D08 by means of a survey analysis of risk elements to improve the operative place of the professionals. The methodology used has a retrospective, descriptive and correlational study. The study population corresponds to the health personnel of the Technical Office 10 of District 09d08. The survey was the method of data extraction and a statistical study was used in these. The results showed that the operatives are prone to various harmful occupational elements such as physical, biological and psychosocial risks, for which a preventive plan appropriate to each risk was proposed.


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Muñoz Villacrés, L. S., Muñoz Villacrés, G. M. ., Vargas Pozo, C. E. ., & Figueroa Morán, G. V. . (2022). Management analysis of a preventive program based on a retrospective study in the health care workforce. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 6(3).


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