Evolution from traditional marketing to digital marketing as a formative process

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Lilia Monserrate Villacis Zambrano
Frank Ángel Lemoine Quintero
María Gabriela Montesdeoca Calderón
Katty Gisella Zambrano Alcívar
Yesenia Aracely Zamora Cusme
Karen Alejandra Mendoza García
Karen Alejandra Mendoza García


The research was developed in the canton Sucre with the objective of analyzing the evolution of traditional marketing to digital marketing within the training process, to verify how the ability to surprise the consumer has been lost, they have become accustomed to sales and do not focus much more on the customer and his emotions when making a decision about a product or brand since what is important for him is the experience offered by what he consumes. For the collection of information, qualitative and quantitative tools were used, descriptive method, statistical software such as SPSS version 21.0, which allowed to verify that digital marketing helps to use the most appropriate techniques within the digital media to develop a direct and personal communication with users, from the action channels are all those that can be found on the internet such as social networks, e-mail marketing, search engines and others. Experiential marketing revolutionizes the thinking of traditional marketing and is not used frequently or almost never by our local business environment. It is evident that Digital Marketing strategies must be deployed to obtain a strong acceptance of customers, so that the company can promote itself at a high level, in addition to giving it an unwinding among competitiveness, because the digital organization is as important as the optical organization.


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