Consumer color neuromarketing

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Marcelo Patricio Obando Changuán
Jorge Aníbal Loya Simbaña


The influence of colors and Neuromarketing on purchasing preferences lies in the fact that the mind can associate colors by harboring them in thought as a memory. The objective is to demonstrate the impact of colors on consumers for purchase and to verify if they are attracted by the packaging and size or by the product. A review was made based on scientific data for a bibliographic and descriptive research, including students between 20 and 27 years old from ESPE. There were 30 respondents for consumer preferences with color selection and 50 respondents for the influence of color and product characteristics to make the purchase. The methodology was to show 24 images of 3 items in 3 colors and 10 neuromarketing questions for the preferred selection. The results indicate that colors influence the consumer to make the purchase, and, for 100%, size, color and appearance are important to be influenced to purchase unconsciously. In conclusion, the colors yellow, blue, red have an impact on the psychology and visual neuromarketing influence on the purchase decision. There is still a wide world to explore, because each person manages their emotions and impulses.


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Obando Changuán, M. P., & Loya Simbaña, J. A. (2022). Consumer color neuromarketing. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 6(3).


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