Strengthening financial inclusion in Colombia's rural population

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Lady Viviana Serrano Serrato


Colombia's Financial Inclusion services in the rural population area has become in recent years a government strategy and of financial organizations, with which it is sought to increase access to financial services and social inclusion. Therefore, the main aim of this research is to analyze the advances that have been made in terms of financial inclusion in the population of the Colombia's rural sector. The materials and methods of this research are descriptive in nature, which allow for the details of situations and events, focused on the documentary review that allows a full observation according to the investigations and existing records in different writings and papers. Through this search, it was possible to identify quantitative the progress and recognition of Colombia in terms of financial inclusion. In addition, we identified how these advances have been brought about thanks to technological development, which has allowed the creation of new types of services and the expansion of coverage in rural areas


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Serrano Serrato, L. V. (2021). Strengthening financial inclusion in Colombia’s rural population. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurial Studie, 5(2).