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January - March Vol. 7 - 1 - 2023
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Approval: 22 October 2022
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Agricultural Strategies for Empowerment in the
Estrategias Agrícolas para el Fortalecimiento en el Adulto
Andrea Sanchez
Catalina Jimenez
This article entitled: Agricultural Strategies for the
Strengthening of the Elderly, consists of presenting
the results carried out with the elderly participants
of the Geriatric Home San Rafael, located in the
municipality of Chia, Cundinamarca; implementing
the development of small crops (home gardens) for
the strengthening, welfare and its beneficial effects on
them. The objective of this project is to know how
viable it is to strengthen the well-being of the elderly
through the elaboration of home gardens where
there is inclusion and autonomy among them
depending on their capabilities, in order to
strengthen their daily activities and to welcome it as
a therapeutic support program.
Keywords: Elderly, Wellness, Gardens, Agriculture,
geriatrics, health, environment, integrity.
Este artículo denominado: Estrategias Agrícolas para
el Fortalecimiento del Adulto Mayor, consiste en
presentar los resultados llevados a cabo con las
personas adultas mayores participantes del Hogar
Geriátrico San Rafael, ubicado en el municipio de
Chía, Cundinamarca; implementando la elaboración
* Msc, Corporación Unificada Nacional CUN, Chia Bogotá- Colombia. ,
Msc, Corporación Unificada Nacional CUN, Chia Bogotá- Colombia.,
e-ISSN: 2576-0971. January - March Vol. 7 - 1 - 2023 .
de pequeños cultivos (huertas caseras) para el
fortalecimiento, el bienestar y sus efectos benéficos
sobre ellos. Lo que se quiere obtener con este
proyecto es saber que tan viable es fortalecer el
bienestar del adulto mayor por medio de la
elaboración de huertas caseras donde exista la
inclusión y autonomía entre ellos dependiendo de las
capacidades que tengan, con el fin de fortalecer sus
actividades diarias y acogerlo como un programa de
apoyo terapéutico.
Palabras clave: Adulto Mayor, Bienestar, Huertos,
Agricultura, geriátricos, salud, medio ambiente,
The following article is taken from the research project that was applied in the
municipality of Chía, Cundinamarca in the establishment Hogar Geriátrico San Rafael
where we seek to take into account aspects such as the knowledge of the elderly in the
cultivation of home gardens, which function as determinants in the development of
strategies to carry out agriculture in places such as nursing homes, We have an
established time of four months where we gathered information that helped us to
recognize the abilities and experiences that the elderly have in the San Rafael retirement
home, covering the topic of agriculture as the main axis and how the elaboration of
home gardens allows to guarantee a sustenance in the population and an advantage in
the use of free time. On the other hand, covering the environmental issue, it is important
to highlight that there are difficulties for the generation of a robust ecological awareness,
which transits from the identification of the problem to the construction and application
of environmental remedial measures, by all the social actors co-responsible for such
impacts. The research found that, between individual concern and personal criteria,
there are certain important elements for the development of environmental awareness,
such as: knowledge about Waste, Energy, Recycling, Spaces and Biodiversity, however,
there are also three necessary elements that are little taken into account, or scarcely
developed, which are: transportation, water and noise. Andrade Salazar, J. A.,
Betancourth González, V., Gonzales Martínez, N., Ocampo Maya, J., & Orozco Ortiz, A.
E. (2022). This is important to apply and know because it allows us to conserve the
habitat not only of human beings but also of other species and promote life for a long
time. Urban agriculture contributes to the well-being of older adults by increasing their
social and emotional well-being and self-realization. From the contact with nature, a
sensory perception is obtained that has relaxing and restorative effects for the human
being, taking advantage of free time and improving the quality of life. This activity carried
e-ISSN: 2576-0971. January - March Vol. 7 - 1 - 2023 .
out in geriatric homes is projected as a process of innovation, since it makes available
the knowledge of older adults for the creation of home gardens.
The methodology of the project is mixed-exploratory, it is empirical in nature, it includes
quantitative and qualitative data that have already been studied in various investigations,
the sampling is intentional since we will be conducting fieldwork in the nursing home:
Hogar San Rafael, with prior authorization of the entities in charge, in the municipality
of Chía. The information was collected through interviews where information was
gathered on how the elderly spend their free time and surveys about their taste for
agriculture and planting home gardens where there is evidence of their willingness to
take part in the activity since most of them have knowledge and taste for crops. There
is also evidence of socialization among them encouraging the exchange of ideas where
they feel that they contribute to the community through their knowledge.
The results we obtained with this research project is that there is a huge opportunity
for development and innovation that has not been exploited in this field. The
communication with the administrative staff was minimal, however, it is important to
highlight the intention of listening of both parties, therefore, it is concluded to leave the
idea of the project where a deliverable (physical sample) is left and sent by mail to the
administrative area of Hogar Geriátrico San Rafael.
In the same vein, the results obtained in the evaluation of psychosocial factors in the
physical-motor dimension indicate that 100% of the participants have a high level of
physical activity which allows them to perform daily activities such as moving from their
bedrooms to the shared spaces (the dining room or the meeting room where games
and activities are performed, through which physical and mental activation occurs,
favoring motor, cognitive, sensory-motor and manual eye coordination). Díaz and
Barragán, (2016) established in their research that the activation and development of
physical activity is fundamental due to the fact that the lack of such activity can become
a reason for the development of depression. Likewise, Díaz and Barragán, (2016) differ
in that old age is not an exclusive characteristic. However, they established that older
adults are at greater risk when they are abandoned by their family in an institution, as
well as when their health has deteriorated due to diseases caused by deterioration, and
due to deficiencies in their quality of life. In this way, Valdez, (2018) states that older
adults do not have a good quality of life due to the motor conditions that older
adulthood entails. Martínez García, L. F., Vargas Luna, A. R., & Guarnizo Ante, F. J. .
According to the results, an innovation of process and procedure in a nursing home
involves actors that can become participants and consumers of an idea, this idea will
e-ISSN: 2576-0971. January - March Vol. 7 - 1 - 2023 .
allow not only to contribute to the construction of new strategies, but also the
productive results will allow a new income for the nursing home.
Positive Social Interaction is essential for individuals because it includes entertainment
and doing fun things in their daily lives, which is associated with people's health,
therefore, it has a regulating effect on stress and stressful life events. According to the
author, people who present high levels of positive social interaction have to do with the
strategies they use within their family nucleus in which they have the availability of their
families or partners to do fun things.
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