The study from academia of different forms of business management is a theme that is developed in this issue, talking about entrepreneurship in coastal areas of America, the relationship with international funds and their impact during the pandemic for communities. The need for the study of financial inclusion, the collection processes in the collection of services and its relationship with the client through customer service are also topics of this issue that is presented for consultation. 


Published: 2021-04-01

Effect of collection strategies on the collection effectiveness of the Trujillo Tax Administration Service -SATT

Alex Antenor Benites Aliaga, Ricardo Steiman Benites Aliaga, Elmer Tello De La Cruz , Santos Santiago Santos Santiago


Analysis of the quality of hotel services in the Sucre canton

Lilia Villacis Zambrano, José Ricardo Macías Barberán, William Renan Meneses Pantoja, Mayra Espinoza Arauz