Strengthening the research group water resource management from project-based learning

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César Arturo Pérez Rodríguez


The continuous growth of the investigation group water resource management is based on research processes by applying the
project-based learning model mainly, a methodology that seeks to promote the active participation of students in academic activities such as presentations, undergraduate work and the published articles, this in order to improve soft skills within a framework of qualitative research applied in the field to real cases, looking for solutions for the community with real problems, be seen as opportunities for improvement and thus, from the academy, the students strengthen their knowledge by being taken to a real space and explore their creativity to generate human-centered projects in order to reduce negative impacts on communities and improve living conditions in these spaces and thus contribute to regional growth, the decrease in inequality taking into account normative and national policies and therefore enhance their training, all this seeking to increase the impact of the group in the region, in the department, in the country and in the world, generating higher quality products over time and seeking to make these visible. activities by participating by publishing the results in media with high academic and social impact as well as strengthening the soft, professional and social skills of students by working in spaces that allow interaction with communities, government entities and other elements of the academy.


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